Water Rights Issues 

Attention all water users:

If you want to protect your water rights, you need to become informed of the legal issues and proceedings that may affect these rights. Two ways of keeping updated are:

1. Pick up the Aztec News 'Talon' every few weeks and read the articles written by Robert Oxford. Here are three recent articles that will be of interest along with the hyperlinks to the 'on-line' issues of the Talon that contain these articles:

For more information you can contact Robert E. Oxford, 330-2284.

2. Keep abreast of the legal hearings that pertain to the San Juan River Adjudication. The final outcome of these adjudication proceedings could adversely affect your water rights. You can easily keep informed by visiting the Bulletin Board of the Eleventh District Court:

Eleventh District Court of New Mexico: San Juan River Basin Adjudication



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