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Description of Hammond Project

Snowpack Map for Western U.S.

Estimated and Predicted Water-use of Alfalfa, Grass, and Xeriscape Plants at Farmington

Bloomfield Historic Climate Data

BOR Navajo Reservoir Level

Real-Time Flow of the San Juan River at Archuleta – USGS

Upper Colorado Salinity Control Project – San Juan River Unit

Chapter 73 of New Mexico Statutes – Special Districts

Article 14

Navajo Dam Operations Final Environmental Impact Statement

Colorado River Storage Project

Law of the River

Colorado Compact of 1922

Navajo Reservoir

Local Crop and Water Information

San Juan Water Commission

San Juan Regional Water Plan

San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Plan

Colorado River Water-Users Association

San Juan County Cooperative Extension Office including County Fair Information

San Juan County Invasive Weeds Information

Farmington Agricultural Science Center Website

Farmington ASC Weed Report for 2003

Farmington ASC Irrigation Scheduling – Alfalfa and Landscape

Xeriscape Plants for the Four Corners

Speech by Randy Kirkpatrick at 45th NM WRRI Conference

WRRI Conference Proceedings – 41st Annual Water Conference – Farmington

Four Corners Area – Water-Use Estimates for Alfalfa, Turfgrass, and Xeric Plants

New Mexico Crop and Water Information

New Mexico Office of the State Engineer – Home

NM Office of the State Engineer – Aztec Office

San Juan Basin/Navajo Nation Water Rights Settlement Agreement:
Executive Summary:

Full Document (large file):

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute

New Mexico Climate Center Home Page

Southwest Yard and Garden Information – New Mexico Cooperative Extension Publications

Southwest Yard and Garden Questions and Answers

NMSU Cooperative Extension Agronomy Publications

New Mexico Alfalfa Variety Trials – Table 11 and 12 for Farmington

New Mexico Silage Corn Variety Trials – includes Farmington

Cost/Return Estimates for New Mexico Ranches – includes northwest NM

NMSU How-To Publications

New Mexico State University Plant and Environmental Science Website,

New Mexico Crop Information with Emphasis in Irrigation

New Mexico Water Conservation

US Geological Survey Water Resources in New Mexico

New Mexico Dought Planning Team

New Mexico Soil, Water and Agricultural Testing Laboratory

Aerial and Satellite Images of New Mexico

Regional Crop and Water Information


Western States Water Council (many pertinent publications and links)

Drought Planning on the Colorado River

Southwestern Colorado Water Information

Water Education in Colorado

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Colorado State University Horticulture Site

Colorado State University Agriculture Site

Colorado ET Network

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Website


Customized Watering Guide – Utah

Utah State University Extension


Arizona Dept. of Water Resources

Arizona Water Resources Center


Irrigation Education at Texas A&M University


California Climate Network (CIMIS)

U.S. Government Water and Crop Web Sites

USDA Western Irrigation

Irrigation in the American West – USDA
USDA Economic Research Service, Irrigation and Water-use
USDA Agricultural Research Service
United States Drought Monitor

International Irrigation Publications

FAO 56 Report: Guidelines for Computing Crop Water Requirements

General Crop Information (various sources)

Alfalfa Brochure – California

Alfalfa Improvement Conference

Plant Facts – Ohio State University

Potash and Phosphate Institute – Fertilizer Information

Arizona Master Gardener Manual

General Irrigation Scheduling Techniques

Low-Cost, Homemade Evaporation Pan for Scheduling Irrigations

Using Pan Evaporation to Schedule Irrigations on Alfalfa

Irrigating by the Checkbook Method – University of Minnesota

Water Conservation in Landscapes and Gardens

General Techniques


Saving Water in the Landscape (Virginia)

Rainwater Harvesting – Texas

Drought Tolerant Landscape Plants (Xeriscaping)

Xeriscape Colorado

Xeriscape Garden at Colorado Springs

Drought-Tolerant Plants for Utah

Lawn Irrigation

Auditing Lawn Irrigation - Washington State

Lawn Watering Recommendations and Auditing – NCWCD

Gardens and Orchards

Gardening Information – Ohio State University

Irrigating Strategies for Fruit Trees

Drip Irrigation for Gardens – Colorado State University

Efficient Irrigation in the Garden – Colorado State University

New or Alternative Technologies

SWAT – Smart Water Application Technology

Links to Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation Performance Indicators

Center for Irrigation Technology

Low-Cost Sprinkler and Drip Systems

General Water Conservation

Links to other Water Conservation Sites

Waterright sight (California) with numerous irrigation related links

Irrigation System Evaluation and Maintenance including Technical Information

Evaluating Sprinkler System Uniformity

Distribution Uniformity (Rainbird)

Impact Sprinkler Repair Maintenance (Rainbird)

Reference Tables (Rainbird)

Technical Information (Rainbird)

Sprinkler Calculators (Rainbird)

Formulas, Conversions etc. (Rainbird)

Conversion Calculator (Rainbird)

Microirrigation Calculator (Rainbird)

Irrigation System Auditing/Calibration

Pesticide Labels

Pesticides Database

Irrigation Products – Companies (partial list)

Schumacher Irrigation

Irrigation Accessories Company

WaterMaster Irrigation Supplies

Irrisoft Inc.

Underhill Irrigation Products and Links

Irrigation Education


Irrigation Tutorials (Jess Stryker)

Tutorial on Drip Irrigation

Conducting an Irrigation System Audit – Landscape – Texas

Explanation of ET from Texas ET Network

Irrigation Efficiencies

Explanations of PET, Crop Coefficients, etc. and Using the Texas ET Network

All about Soil Moisture Monitoring



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